About Us

We aim to improve the health and bejewelling of the black community through health promotion, research, support and public health interventions.

 We achieve our aim through the following objectives, which are to:

  • Raise awareness of the symptoms and risk factors  of  conditions that affect the African and African-Caribbean community with the aim of facilitating  prevention and early detection
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle by providing  culturally appropriate services that equip the public to keep active, eat healthily and adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Create an understanding of the issues that the African and African-Caribbean community face in accessing health services and maintaining good health so that the quality of services and information available is improved and relevant to the community
  • Provide information and support to all those who are concerned about their health
  • Act as the voice for African and African-Caribbean patients to ensure that any inequalities in the effects of disease and  quality of care are addressed

While our services are focused on the black community all are welcome to access our services.