Our February #FibroidsChat is with Self Care Activist Laterria Patton

We’re so delighted to announce that our first Fibroids Twitter Chat of the year is with Laterria Patton on 21st February  at 5pm, AST (that’s 1pm PST, 4pm EST and 9pm GMT)

Laterria Patton is a Self Care Activist who writes a food blog that promotes reproductive health to black women. The blog content utilizes natural self-healing food practices to educate black women who are suffering with reproductive health problems about the hormonal process and how to keep it in balance.

She is passionate about eliminating the obstacles that contribute to the epidemic of reproductive health disorders amongst black women such as an absence of nutrition-based literature that specifically caters to their cultural needs and preferences, not having access to fresh toxic-free fruits and vegetables,  doctors who discourage  natural healing practices and a lack of understanding and support from their family unit.

Laterria is on a mission to create a world where there is a tremendous improvement in the outcomes and costs associated with breast, ovarian, uterine and vaginal ailments amongst black women because she believes that healthy eating, hormonal balance and reproductive health should be a positive, simple and stress-free experience for all women.

Join us for a chat with Laterria Patton about the common challenges that contribute to uterine disorders (like fibroids), how these challenges can be overcome and how women can achieve optimal uterine health through self-healing food practices.

We’ll be putting questions to Laterria and you can put your questions to her too. So if you have a burning question about uterine health or just want to get involved in the discussion then do join us on the day. To take part in the conversation please use the hashtag #FibroidsChat.

For more information on Laterria, please visit her blog  www.medium.com/@laterriapatton or follow her on social media

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/selfcareandfood

Facebook: www.fb.me/selfcareandfood

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/laterriapatton/

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