Our Fibroids Twitter Chat with Candice Bryan

Twitter Chat

Yesterday,  we were delighted to host another fibroids Twitter chat. Our special guest was Candice Bryan,   the founder and CEO of Noire Wellness.

Noire Wellness seeks to improve the health and wellness of African and African Caribbean communities living in the UK.  In 2017, she launched the #FibroidSeries wellness hub providing women with informative and engaging physical activity workshops and live demonstrations as a holistic approach to managing the effects of fibroids.

In our Twitter chat we had an interesting discussion with Candice about their fibroids wellness hub delving into their rationale for organising this event,  the key issues and challenges that those who attended the hub raised about living with fibroids and how Noire Wellness aims to support women affected by fibroids.

If you missed the Twitter chat you can read our discussion below. Enjoy!


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