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We’re gardening for our health. Here’s a video of Abi Begho picking a tomato from her new vegetable garden (9th Feb 2018)

This video accompanies our blog on gardening and health. Here Abi Begho shows you her tomato plants and picks her second ripe tomato – yay!

You can read our blog post about our experience growing tomatoes here:

The Lake Foundation’s video clip created especially for Noire Wellness’ Fibroids Wellness Hub  on 26th Nov 2017

This video  features Abi Begho discussing The Lake Foundation and her top five tips for managing the symptoms of fibroids.

Our founder was featured on the Secret Birds entrepreneurship platform as a rare bird – March 2017 


You can read the feature here



Audio clip of exercise and fibroids presentation by Lillian Lartey at our Fibroid Focus conference – 30th July 2016

Audio clip of diet and fibroids presentation by Leah Salmon at our Fibroid Focus conference – 30th July 2016

Abi Begho introducing our recent fibroids conference, Fibroid Focus, on 30th July 2016

Four Hour Cycle Challenge Periscope – 23rd July 2016

Fibroids Booklet – 29th July 2015


Q&A With Our Founder –  22nd March 2015

The Lake Foundation Featured in AFRO-RETRO Magazine (page 36) – 16th March 2015


Excerpt from Georgina Graham’s Cancer Awareness Presentation (Prostate Cancer Risk Factors – 21st Feburary 2015

The Lake Foundation’s Interview with Six Weeks to Fitness   – 21st December 2014


Fibroids Ask The Expert Video – 26th November 2014

Hereditary Cancer Booklet – 16th April 2014



Abi Begho discussing ovarian cancer and younger women on the Isle of Man with 3FM in 2012


Our founder Abi Begho (Abi Ajose-Adeogun) discussing black women and breast cancer with Nursing Standard in 2011

You can read this discussion by clicking on the link below:

                    Reaching out to black women by Marina Raime and Abi Ajose-Adeogun

Our founder, Abi Begho, featured on the BBC back in 2010 discussing black women and breast cancer, then she was Abi Ajose-Adeogun

You can read the article by clicking on the link below:

   Race bias in cancer ‘costing lives’: Viewpoint by Abi Ajose-Adeogun and Marina Raime



Our Founder, Abi Begho discusses black women and breast cancer in 2010 with Healthcare Today

You can read the  article by clicking on the link below:

       Black Women Neglected in Cancer Care

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