Our Next Fibroids Twitter Chat

We are delighted to announce our next fibroids Twitter chat will be on  Wednesday  29th  November 2017 from 7pm-8pm (UK time). We will be joined by special guest Imani Sorhaindo with host, our own Abi Begho, founder of The Lake Foundation.

Imani Sorhaindo is a teacher, Curriculum Manager, Life Coach and Facilitator of the Ipswich Black Sisters Fibroid and Womb-Wellness Support Group.

Imani has been working as a community development worker for the upliftment of the African community for over 28 years.

Imani has her own personal life experience of working towards shrinking fibroids, and eradicating stress and toxicity through a range of life-changing techniques and lifestyle living including breathing, meditation and energy balancing.

Over the past 13 years she has been researching the world of women’s health; particularly around fibroids and healing. The Black sister’s fibroid group which she runs in Suffolk has been running for its first year; with pleasing results. She has recently delivered a short lecture at the Black History Walks Nzingha Lectures in London.

Imani is also half-way through writing her book around the theme ‘Holistic approaches towards the elimination of fibroids. In 2018, Imani will be hosting her first Fibroids conference in the Caribbean island of Dominica.

This Twitter chat has been organised to allow for an in-depth discussion with Imani on her personal experience with fibroids, her work facilitating the Ipswich Black Sisters Fibroids and Womb-Wellness Support Group, her upcoming book on holistic approaches to fibroids and her first fibroids conference in Dominica.

We’ll be putting questions to Imani and you can put your questions to her too. So if you have a burning question about fibroids or just want to get involved in the discussion then do join us on the day. To take part in the conversation please use the hashtag #FibroidsChat.

We look forward to tweeting with you!

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