We are developing a fibroids awareness, information and support programme. The first phase of this work was to understand the needs of women with fibroids and we achieved this by conducting some qualitative research.

The research project explored four areas:
· The level of knowledge of fibroids prior to diagnosis
· Treatment and diagnosis
· The effect of fibroids and its treatment on quality of life
· The availability of support and information

The findings from our work suggested that a significant number of women with fibroids do not have access to the support and information that they require to successfully manage their condition. You can read more about the findings on our blog here or download the full report here: Fibroids_Survey_Summary_Final

The findings of this survey are informing the direction of our work and since the publication of our report we have developed a blog series on fibroids, delivered a number of  awareness presentations, published a fibroids booklet, formed an expert panel and hosted a conference for women affected by fibroids.

Find out more about our Fibroids Ask the Expert in our video below: