Our Fibroids Publications

Here you can view and download our fibroids publications.

Understanding the Needs of Women with Fibroids

We conducted some research to understand the experience of African and African-Caribbean women with fibroids. This work explored the needs of women with fibroids and determined if women had access to enough information and support. Our findings  then informed the development of our fibroids information and support programme.

You can read our report here.

Publication date:  21st January 2015

Fibroids Booklet

Our booklet provides much-needed information on all aspects of fibroids from symptoms and risk factors to treatment and prevention. It aims to ensure that women have accurate, reliable information about fibroids. We hope this booklet will be a one-stop-shop for anyone with questions or concerns about fibroids.

You can read the booklet here.

Publication date: 29th July 2015

Our booklet will be updated in 2018

Coming soon: Fibroid Facts, a fact sheet series on key topics including:

Fibroids and your mental well-being: this fact sheet will aim to help women identify, understand and address the emotions that may be associated with having fibroids.

Exercise and fibroids – in this fact sheet we’ll discuss how exercise can help with improving symptoms and provide readers with simple tips on how to get active without aggravating their current symptoms.

Diet and fibroids – diet plays an important role in reducing a woman’s risk of developing fibroids and dietary changes can help with managing symptoms too. We’ll discuss what foods are helpful and what foods to avoid.

Fibroids and fertility – many women with fibroids worry about whether their fertility will  be affected either by the fibroids themselves or treatment, in this fact sheet we’ll discuss this and provide options for preserving fertility

Treatment options – our research revealed that women didn’t feel well informed about what treatment options were available to them and so in this fact sheet we will summarise all treatments and their pros and cons. 

Coming soon: a range of  infographics to help you better understand what fibroids are.