Presentations and Events

We organise conferences and workshops  and deliver health awareness presentations.

When we identify a need we develop conferences and workshops to educate and empower our target audience.

We can also deliver health awareness presentations to community groups, charities and corporate organisations.  These presentations are aimed at the black community and cover:

  • Background into the disease of interest
  • How the disease of interest affects the black community
  • Symptoms
  • Risk factors
  • Prevention and Early Diagnosis
  • What to do if you are concerned about symptoms

Previous presentations we have delivered include:

  • Black women and breast cancer
  • Ten things black women should know about cancer
  • Mobile phones and cancer
  • Fibroids
  • Menopause- what you need to know
  • Understanding Prostate Cancer

To book an awareness presentation please email

Presentations for charitable organisations, churches and mosques are free but we ask for a voluntary donation to be collected from attendees on the day of the event to help us cover our costs. There is a small charge for other organisations.

We can work with you to organise health events for your group, employees, service users, members or clients for:

  • National health awareness months (e.g. National Heart Month);
  • Global health days (e.g. World Cancer Day);  and
  • Health & wellbeing days

Please email for more information.

This is what attendees have had to say about our events:

“Today’s event was inspiring. The atmosphere was friendly, more intimate and supportive”. 

“Thank you for a great event. Very informative and so much to share.”  

“The event was very empowering with a diverse range of speakers. I liked the balance between the holistic  and medical perspective. Impressive.”

 “This was a wonderful event and well needed. All the speakers gave excellent information which I certainly look forward to incorporating into my lifestyle, not only with regards to treatment of fibroids.”